As the import market continues to grow and enthusiasts tastes develop into different areas, the Acura TSX, with its highly sophisticated touch, is a perfect application for these individuals. H&R again works in the enthusiasts favor, with their project TSX. Project TSX includes H&R’s Coil Overs, giving the Acura a perfect stance, ride height and of course super driveability. Complimenting the TSX are the new classic look BBS RSGT 19x8 wheels, which feature a diamond black center and brilliant polished lip, wrapped with ultra high performance Kumho ECSTA MX 235/35 R19 tires. The TSX looks awesome with these tires and wheels, which are a perfect fit.

Additionally, the TSX has recently been clad in Mugen’s newly available body kit which features a full aero package consisting of front bumper replacement, side skirts, trunk mounted wing, and a rear bumper body attachment all of which is nicely complemented with tasteful gunmetal gray graphics.

With added handling performance, sleek looks and four-door comfort, H&R’s Acura TSX has the look a performance sedans enthusiasts demand.


H&R Coil Overs

H&R Sway Bars

Mugen Titanium exhaust

Mugen Carbon fiber air box

Motul Lubricants


BBS RSGT 19x8 wheels

Kumho ECSTA MX 235/35 R19 tires

Mugen body kit

Gunmetal Gray graphics